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Welcome to Italy

Home to stunning architecture, incredible art, delicious cuisine, tasty wine, history, lakes, beaches, mountains, ancient ruins – one can go on all day about Italy! The darling of many avid travellers, Italy makes you fall in love right from the word go.

Every region of Italy is distinct and has its own charm, attractions, and cuisines, making it an ideal destination for all. There are plenty of things to experience and tons of places to see. One trip certainly will not be enough!

History played a key role in shaping Italy. Rome was the capital of the once mighty Roman Empire and rightfully continues to be the political centre of the country. Medieval economic powers such as Milan, Venice, Genoa, and Sicily have also played a key role and for this reason alone, its an experience of a lifetime!


Colosseum - Rome
Venice - Italy

Travel information

Getting there:

A visa is required when travelling to Italy with a South African passport. The estimated time of the visa process can take up to days.

The flight duration from Johannesburg to Rome is approximately 10 hours 25 minutes while the flight from Johannesburg to Milan is approximately 12 hours 30 minutes.


Italy has a predominantly Mediterranean climate with mild, sometimes rainy winters and sunny, hot, and usually dry summers. Italian winters bring snow, perfect for your ski- vacation.

Depending on the aim of your trip to Italy, if you are going for a Ski holiday the best time would be December – March. If you are planning a romantic summer holiday, your best bet would be to travel in June – September.

Top 5 must do's while visiting Italy

Visit the Vatican

When in Rome, Visit the Vatican – home to the pope and Michaelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel. The history in the now is an unforgettable experience .

Explore the views of Anacapri

Roam the hillside town of Anacapri where the cliffs meet the sea and float on the magical waters of the Blue Grotto.

Explore Venice in a gondola

Hop aboard a traditional gondola in Venice along the Grand Canal, stroll across the Rialto Bridge and browse the lively Rialto fish market.

Hit the slopes

Hit the slopes in a ski resort in Livingo. The white snow blanket over the mountains is the perfect set up for activities.


Snack on the most authentic Italian meal and enjoy a pizza in Naples, after all….you haven’t been to Italy if you havent had a slice or 10 of authentic pizza. 

Useful travel tips

1. Google maps is your friend. Download the offline maps feature for times where you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi.

2. Be water wise. Drinking water in Italy is perfectly safe.

3.Payment. Card payment is accepted almost everywhere but cash is handy for those small curio shops!

4. Take the train. Italy has an impressive railway system, just make sure to validate your tickets!

5. Cover up! When visiting religious sites, its required that your legs and shoulders are covered.

6. Wine not? Wine is fairly inexpensive in Italy. A good quality wine could cost you in the region of R50 a bottle.

7. Be weather wise. Weather in Italy is Extreme. Summers are boiling and winters are freezing so make sure to pack accroding to the season you travel in!

8. Negotiate. Activities such as taking a ride on a Gondola can be costly. So brush up your negotiating skills and pay less for the same experience.

9. Be smart about your pizza fix! The best places to get pizza are usually in the quiet side streets away from the main squares and tourist attractions. 

10. Pack light. Italy after all is one of the fashion capitals, so pack light and fill up your suitcase with some Italian Shopping.


Sporting events in Italy

R25,550 R24,500 Tour list image

Beaujolais Marathon

Marathon 4.5 2 review(s) 5 days